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White House expected to seek billions in Sandy disaster aid
The White House is expected in the coming days to send Congress a multibillion-dollar request to fund recovery from Superstorm Sandy, which caused an estimated $71 billion in damages to New York and New Jersey.  Read More
Local governments take budget knife to retiree health plans
As cash-strapped U.S. cities and states struggle to address gaping budget holes, a long-honored benefit for public-sector workers has come into the cross-hairs of budget cutters: retiree health insurance.  Read More
Lawmakers pass workers' compensation changes 
Lawmakers approved a series of changes to California's workers' compensation system late Friday, sending Gov. Jerry Brown a 170-page bill that rose in the days of the legislative session.  Read More
Allstate Dropping 10,000 South Carolina Homeowners Policies
Firefighters Allstate is dropping about 10,000 South Carolina home insurance customers.  The company is dropping customers who don't carry Allstate auto coverage, have older homes and have homes insured for less than $220,000.  Read More
Blaze claims almost 350 homes in Colorado
Firefighters made progress Thursday in fighting a blaze that has devoured more than 18,000 acres in Colorado, but their sense of accomplishment was tempered by the news that nearly 350 homes in Colorado Springs had been destroyed by the flames.  Read More
8 Auto Insurance Myths
When purchasing car insurance, it’s important to understand the factors that affect your car insurance premium rates and coverage. But how do you differentiate between truth and fiction? A good place to start is by dispelling some common myths about auto insurance:  Read More
Only 1 out of 4 Companies Buying Cyberinsurance
Nearly three in four corporate risk managers are not buying insurance policies to cover data breaches and damage to customers’ privacy despite the rising threat of hacking, according to a survey released on Monday.  Read More
House Passes Bill to Protect Medicare, Lower Healthcare Costs
"The bill's medical liability reforms will help reduce healthcare costs and allow for physicians to treat patients, rather than playing defensive medicine,"  Read More
'100-Year Storms' May Happen Every 3 to 20 Years
Last August, Hurricane Irene spun through the Caribbean and parts of the eastern United States, leaving widespread wreckage in its wake.  The Category 3 storm whipped up water levels, generating storm surges that swept over seawalls and flooded seaside and inland communities.  Many hurricane analysts suggested, based on the wide extent of flooding, that Irene was a "100-year event": a storm that only comes around once a century.  Read More
Property / casualty insurance rates under pressure
Property/casualty rates are under mounting upward pressure due to recent catastrophe losses and continued low interest rates that have limited investment returns, according to speakers at last week's Property/Casualty Insurance Joint Industry Forum in New York.  Read More
9.3M Adults Lost Health Coverage in Recession
An estimated 9.3 million American adults lost health insurance coverage as a result of increase unemployment during the recession of 2007-09, according to a newly published study by researchers at Cornell, Indiana and Carnegie Mellon universities.  Read More
IntelliDriveTM Mileage-Based Auto Insurance Helps Drivers Save
Recent reports indicate that many consumers are limiting their driving as a way to save money.  Travelers can provide another way for low-mileage drivers to reduce annual vehicle expenses with its mileage-based auto insurance product, IntelliDrive Read More
Most employers restore 401(k) match: Analysis
Most employers that suspended their 401(k) plan matching contributions during the most recent economic downturn have restored them, according to a new analysis.  Read More
Do you have disaster insurance regrets?
It often takes a major loss for people to recognize the importance of having home insurance policies that offer broad protections, says Tully Lehman, a spokesperson for the Insurance Information Network of California. Many policyholders are content to simply roll the dice, in hopes that they can save money on premiums and get by with minimal insurance.  Read More
Webcast: Property retrofitting can reduce insurance costs
While property upgrades often are driven by building codes and insurance requirements, proactive retrofitting can reduce insurance costs during the property's lifetime, experts said during a recent Business Insurance webcast.  Read More  
Americans Don't Know Rules of the Road 
More than one in five Americans -- some 36.9 million -- are not fit to drive and would fail a driving test if asked to take one today, according to a new survey of the nation's drivers.  Read More
More than 500 cities see more homes become rentals 
Nationally, 34.9% of occupied homes were rented in 2010 compared with 33.8% in 2000, according to Census data. Percentages of homes rented in cities with at least 50,000 people: Read More
The 6 Strangest Insurance Policies Ever 
The insurance industry has been around for hundreds of years and offers policies to cover almost any risk imaginable.  Although many types of insurance have real value and protect against the risk inherit in daily life, some individuals have coverage for risks that might seem comical, absurd or even bizarre to many.  Read More
What Are the Benefits of Requiring Tenants to Have Renters Insurance?
A thorough standard lease will have a clause that reminds tenants their belongings are not covered by the landlord's insurance and recommends they obtain a renter's policy. Going the next step and requiring tenants to purchase renter's insurance may narrow the pool of applicants, but will pay off if something happens in the house that results in damage or destroys the tenant's belongings.  Read More
Progressive Goes National with Usage-Based ‘Snapshot’ Car Insurance Program
Progressive has begun national advertising for its “Pay-As-You-Drive” program, Snapshot, which offers drivers discounts of as much as 30 percent based on real-time analysis of their driving habits.  Read More
10 Questions to Help Assess Changes to Your Insurance Needs
Major purchases and lifestyle changes such as marriage, divorce or retirement can have a profound effect on your insurance needs, so an annual coverage review is always a good idea, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.).  Read More
Courts Allowing Private Facebook Posts As Evidence in Lawsuits
It’s the latest litigation tactic in the online age: U.S. lawyers are trying to mine the private zones of Facebook and other social-media sites for photos, comments, status updates and other tidbits that might contradict what their opponents are saying in court. And increasingly, judges in civil cases are granting access to online caches that had formerly been considered off-limits.  Read More
As ID Fraud Increases, Travelers Bolsters Insurance Protection
HARTFORD, Conn., Nov 02, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Travelers, the first insurance carrier to offer Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement insurance, has updated its Identity Fraud product to offer greater protection against even more of the most frequent problems identity fraud victims experience. The insurance product upgrades come at a time when the number of identity fraud incidents is on the rise with more than 11.1 million adults victimized in 2009 according to Javelin Strategy & Research.  Read More
Adding a Pet to the Family this Holiday Season?

The holiday season often includes images of cute puppies under a Christmas tree or a kitten with a sparkly ribbon around its neck. But before you do your holiday shopping at the pet shop, Trusted Choice® independent insurance agents and brokers recommend considering the risks and liabilities you may also be bringing home.  Read More

Farmers Insurance claims department launches blog to help consumers
LOS ANGELES, CA—(November 30, 2010)—Farmers® is, first and foremost, a service oriented insurer with employees and agents that truly care about their customers.  However, many people think of insurance companies in a different light, not seeing the human side of the picture.  Read More
From Illinois to New York, earthquakes can happen
A slew of surprising earthquakes stretching from Haiti to Chili to Greece shook the world earlier this year. Even more surprising are the ones that have happened in the most inconspicuous places—like Illinois, New York and Washington, D.C.  Read More
Captive Agent vs. Independent Agent
There are many ways to purchase an insurance policy these days, whether it be online, over the phone, or in person.  Don’t let a multi-million dollar national advertising campaign be your only guide for information regarding your insurance choices.  Read More 
Improving Fire Service May Reduce Insurance Costs

RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 18 -- Wake County issued the following news release:

Fire response times will improve for citizens in Southeastern Wake County in December 2010, when a new Fire & EMS Station will open in Garner, extending fire district boundaries and related insurance savings to property owners in the area.  Read More
Workers compensation costs rise as claims frequency drops: NCCI
Indemnity and medical severity for workers compensation claims continued to rise in 2009, but the frequency of such claims continued to decline, according to NCCI Holdings Inc.  Read More
Firms Lose More to Electronic Fraud than Physical Theft
Companies for the first time report they are losing more through electronic theft of data than physical stealing of assets, risk consultancy Kroll said on Monday in an annual report on international fraud trends.  Read More